Friday, August 20

The Urbi Robotic Software Platform Goes Open Source

Gostai, the french editor of robotic software , announced that their core Urbi technology is opening its code base to the open source community.

Urbi is an advanced robotics operating system, already available for a large number of robots like Aldebaran® Nao, Segway® RMP or Lego® Mindstorm, among 15 other different robots. One of its main innovations lies in a new orchestration script language called urbiscript, which natively integrates parallelism and event-based programming. Next to Urbi, Gostai also offers the Gostai Studio graphical programming tools, and compatibility with various simulators, making the Urbi framework one of the most advanced and complete solution for robot and complex system programming available today.

The source code is covered by an Affero GNU GPL v3 license and is available for immediate download and use from Gostai’s website. This initiative will allow developers worldwide to participate in the growth of the industry's most innovative robotic software solution.

Jean-Christophe Baillie, Gostai’s Founder and CEO, announced at the ICRA’10 conference in Alaska: “Going open source with a GNU GPL compatible license is the best way to make sure that Urbi will always be available freely for everyone to use, check and share, while maintaining a dual licensing model providing support and advanced features for commercial partners. Coming from an academic research lab, Gostai has always believed in the open-source model and sharing of innovation. It has been a long time since we worked to prepare Urbi for that move, and now it's ready!”

Or simply, an answer to Microsoft robotics developer Studio... Whatever we could not be more satisfied by this evolution... 
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