Tuesday, January 21

Pocket Drone, The Foldable Drone

Just a few days after Parrot introduced its MiniDrone (see here), a new Kickstarter project appeard with a quite interesting concept. Indeed, the "Pocket Drone" is powerful enough to carry a high quality action camera (Go-Pro like or up to 1/2 pound payload) and folds up smaller than a 7in tablet.

The controller relies on 6-axis accelerometers, 3-axis gyroscopes and an barometric sensor for the altitude. The final version will work with Mac, Linux or PC desktop operating systems, but also with Android smartphone. The software is open-source. Note that this litlle friendly gizmo is comptabile with Mission Planner and QGroundControl. An iOS compatible application is also planned.

The Pocket Drone also connects to a standard radio controller. Optional goggles allow the user to see what the drone is seeing at any given moment.

Note that the funding is going very well, they already collect nearly 10 times their initial goal !
The Pocket Drone can be yours for $455.00 and the will to wait until June 2014...